Point of Care System

Easy access, Convenient healthcare delivery

We are not just another SaaS-based solution

Px6 Medical System is a healthcare organization that removes barriers and preserves consumer choice, creates jobs at all skill levels (including retraining and employing our veterans), creates competition through an open healthcare marketplace and enables the highest quality medical care at an affordable price to the most people worldwide.

Px6 Medical System Point of Care System (POCS) will place the healthcare where it belongs, in the hands of individual patients and their healthcare provider. Our HIPAA COMPLIANT, patent-pending strategy, and technology combined will make health information centralized, interoperable while empowering citizens as patients and providers.


Components of POCS include:
            Virtumed 360 Immersive Tele-diagnostic Platform (ITDP)
            Virtumed 360 Mobile (MAA)


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